Appian Corporation is a cloud computing company currently headquartered in Mclean, Virginia, part of the Dulles Technology Corridor. Appian sells a Platform as a Service for building enterprise software applications. It is a leader in the Low-Code Development, Business process management, and Case Management markets. Its Low-Code Automation Platform enables businesses to create apps using little or no code


Company Profile

In 2001, Appian developed Army Knowledge Online. At the time, it was regarded as “the world's largest intranet". In 2004, Appian released Appian Enterprise, its first Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) software platform. By 2016, Appian's software platform had evolved to include broader aspects of application development with a focus on low-code development. On May 25, 2017, Appian became a publicly-traded company, trading under the symbol APPN on the NASDAQ Global Exchange.


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