Avaya is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, that specializes in business communications, specifically unified communications (UC), contact center (CC), and services. Serving organizations at 220,000 customer locations worldwide, Avaya is the largest pure-play UC and CC company, ranking No. 1 in CC and No. 2 in UC and collaboration. The company had FY19 revenues of $2.89 billion, 83% of which was attributed to software and services.



Company Profile

Avaya is one of the world's leaders in business collaboration and communication solutions. They provide unified communications, real-time video collaboration, contact center, networking and related services to companies of all sizes worldwide. Avaya offers software packages that allow companies to address critical challenges in their system, and their solutions are designed to be highly reliable, scalable, and flexible. Avaya’s network of solutions is designed to bring people together through a variety of deployment models including private, hybrid, and public cloud, as well as on-premise. Today, they offer: .A range of customer engagement solutions for multi-channel interactions, self-service and proactive communication. .Networking architecture solutions that combine to form pioneering scalable, and effective business-oriented systems. Avaya are currently a leading industry in BYOD mobility, and application optimisation. .Team engagement solutions, including highly mobile solutions for connections between members of a team from remote locations.