Customer Journey Management Platform UrbanBuz enables B2C businesses across all industries to connect, unify, and unlock their customer data potential in order to start optimizing their customer engagement and marketing budget while delivering personalized connected customer experiences at scale. Our advantage over other CDPS in the market A standard CDP usually has 3 capabilities: Data collection of all funnels Data unification & identity match Data activation to various marketing channels (e.g. FB, Email marketing, SMS) UrbanBuz’ s platform offers additional capabilities on top of a traditional CDP to serve the growing needs of the Marketer of today, including: Real time automated segmentation & personalization Omni-channel campaign automation Loyalty programs & digital vouchers Holistic analytics and attribution suites

Company Profile

We believe that technology should be the enabler (and not an inhibitor) that allows businesses to engage​ with their ​customers​ and cater to their needs ​in​ a ​personal​, ​timely​, and ​relevant manner.


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