Varselor Community Guidelines

Varselor Community Guidelines

Varselor offers a forum for innovating, exciting and productive conversations.

Varselor community offers a great way to network, spread useful knowledge and engage in unique technology experiences. While our community allows you to freely share, network and grow, like any other responsible community, we require our members to respect one another and behave in a professional manner. There are few areas which require your attention so that the happiness of our Varselor community and the members within it is maintained at all times.

Please familiarize yourself with the complete set of guidelines below. If you come across anything in the Community that appears to violate these guidelines, use the “Report Inappropriate Content” option to let our team know about it.

The following are violations that may result in immediate post removal, warning, board sanction and/or suspension from the site:

  • Posting in a language other than English (unless on a language specific board).
  • Posting advertisements for any products or services.
  • Including your own or another person’s or company's contact information and/or email address in a post for any purpose.
  • Including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence or other wrongdoing.
  • Posting email content, chat transcripts or other private communication.
  • Including profanity, vulgarity, hate speech, insults, disruptive or hostile comments, interpersonal disputes or threats of violence in a post.
  • Including material (graphic or text) that is obscene, pornographic or adult in nature.
  • Discussing or reposting deleted posts or warning letters or discussion of sanctioned or no longer registered members.
  • Using JavaScript or active code, making repetitive posts or otherwise taking actions that interfere with site operations.
  • Posting deliberately disruptive and negative statements about Vareslor, Vendors, or other Clients.
  • Encouraging others to violate Varselor Terms of Use.
  • Attempting to impersonate Varselor staff or other Varselor members.
  • Posting material that in any way violates the Varselor Terms of Use.
  • Posting content determined to be inappropriate, overly negative, in poor taste, or otherwise contrary to the purposes of this forum, in the sole discretion of Varselor

These guidelines are not exhaustive and the community moderators will have full discretion to remove any content (which includes downloadable links, third-party apps and extensions) they deem inappropriate. This includes messages sent through the private message area of the Community. In addition, the moderators are not obligated to remove any content, even if it violates the Community Guidelines. You should understand, violating these Community Guidelines may have consequences ranging from a warning to banning.

On occasion, we will move discussions if they belong in a different category. We will also close/remove duplicate discussions and/or replies that we deem to be inappropriate or disruptive to the community, this also includes revoking kudos given on those posts. Our intention is not to censor, but to foster an environment that is easy to use and productive for all those involved


Maximum of Three products are allowed for comparision