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Awery ERP


Awery ERP is a cloud-based and on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed to help aviation businesses manage processes related to sales, finances, human resources (HR) and more. The platform uses artificial intelligence technology to assist organizations with automating and tracking tasks, in order to improve productivity and performance across flight operations.

Awery ERP includes a fleet management module, which allows administrators to handle flight planning and utilization, monitor statuses, schedule and track maintenance, and follow up on expired contracts. Features of the solution include interactive flight timelines, routing, data import/export, SMS notifications, price and stock management, and more. The built-in accounting and finance module enables users to track, report, and analyze financial transactions, as well as generate profit and loss statements.


Countries Supported

United Arab Emirates, United States

Industry Fit


Key Benefits

.Awery Aviation ERP delivers a reliable and extremely versatile platform tailored to address management needs and operations of aviation industry-based enterprises and organizations.
.The system makes it easy for companies to link with their existing software and applications. This flexible connectivity allows for faster and reliable data exchange,

Best Suited For

Large Enterprise, Medium Enterprise

Deployment Options

On Premise, Hosted Cloud

Devices Supported

Windows, Mac OS

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Additional Information

The software makes it possible for users to implement a very transparent flow of information within the company, making it easy to see who’s accountable to what, who is working on which project, and the status of their inventory among others. Awery Aviation ERP is built specifically for the aviation industry, a fast-paced business sector, which is why the software boasts of a blazingly fast performance on top of a very user-friendly interface.

Security is a paramount concern and to ensure that all information entered and processed within the Awery Aviation ERP platform is safe, the software uses Bank-grade security with advanced access policies. Companies with multiple branches and locations will love the fact that Awery Aviation ERP supports Multi-Company (Branches) configuration.
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