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Software Selection & Implementation

At Varselor, we have a team of experienced IT consultants and project managers who are experts in their fields. They can guide you through the necessary steps to select and choose the best software for your business.


Implementation Recovery

Assessing the viability of the product to make sure that it still makes sense for your business to get the software back up and running. Helping you understand the scope of the project to recover the software implementation, as well as the time and resources involved, and how you can find these resources. Providing any project management or technical support necessary to identify the issues and resolve them as quickly, cheaply, and efficiently as possible. Identifying and bringing in any other experienced consultants and experts who may be able to help get the implementation back on track.


Application Effectiveness Audit

Identify any issues with user adoption, and any particular problems with the features and functionality that may be stopping them doing their job properly. Ensure that all the features and functionality of the product are being used correctly and to their full advantage, and that they are all working as specified by the software vendor. Optimize the software and make any necessary adjustments or customizations to make sure your business can take full advantage of the solution. Identify any additional areas that can be improved or made more efficient with the current product, or if there are any additional features that can be added to improve workflows.


Project Management

Defining and managing the scope of work--including an estimation of time and cost, the creation of project plans and schedules, and drawing up of procedures and policies to follow. Organizing your project team by identifying key roles that must be filled as well as any that may require additional outsourced expertise, and setting up an executive steering committee. Leading the project by setting the direction, coordinating activities across different organizational functions and departments, and assigning work to the right team members and departments. Keeping track of the project by tracking the budget, milestones and deliverables, reporting progress, and identifying and managing risks and issues.