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Acube offer cutting edge Cloud Solutions for modern enterprises in the field of CRM, Telephony, Networking & Security Solutions.
We believe in power of open-source to make Technology affordable & easy-to-use.
acube is a kind of peculiar bunch of people coming with their one-of-kind skill set. One thing we all share is a belief that Software should empower people & not get in their way. Our Services can help Businesses to meet latest Technology standards in field of Telephony, Customer Relationship Management and Networking domain.

We have a dedicated team having 4 years of experience in the field of CRM Systems.
We are experienced in Data migration, configuration and customization in Salesforce/Dynamics 365.
Modification/Development in Apex classes, Visualforce pages, triggers, scheduled jobs, processes.
Integration of various APIs with Salesforce for proper data management and synchronization.
We do develop applications & thereby integrate with salesforce/dynamics365 based on users requirement.

Top 3 Project Highlights

Implementation of Sales force for a Digital Media Company (Asia Pacific)

1. Setting up of new record types and page layouts for objects to manage multiple lines of business into a single Salesforce system. 2. Configurating Reports and Dashboards as per customer’s needs. 3. Configuring Email-to-Case and Web-to-lead for managing Cases and Leads coming through various external web portals. 4. Setting up Sharing Rules for each object as per the roles of users. 5. Setting up field security as per the profile of users. 6. Configuring Workflow rules, processes in Process Builder and Apex Triggers depending on the Customer’s requirements. 7. Configuration of Case Assignment Rules, Lead Assignment Rules, Auto Response Rules depending on the Customer’s requirements. 8. Configuration of Email Templates, Letterheads for notifying customers in various languages. 9. Created a Visualforce Page and apex classes, used for cloning the user’s Profile, Role,Permissions Sets, Public groups, Queues, etc for creating new users. 10. Developed Custom Sites to get Contact informations. 11. Configuration of Approval Processes for various objects as per the Customer’s requirements. 12. Development of apex class to convert a lead to a case. 13. Utilization of Data Loader and Workbench to Insert, Update, Upsert, Export records as per Customer’s requirement. 14. Integration with applications like Pardot, Marketo and Hubspot for Marketing and Sales automation. 15. Integration with HIMMS 16. Handled Deployment using tools like Change Sets, Eclipse IDE, Salesforce ANT or Workbench. Worked On: Apex data loader, Apex classes, Visualforce pages, Workflow Rules, Process Builder, Validation Rules, Approval Processes, Web-to-Lead HTML Forms, Apex Triggers, Deployment, Pardot, Marketo, Salesforce ANT, Change Sets, Eclipse IDE, Tableau.

Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Energy Distribution firm (GCC)

Responsibilities: 1. Developed multiple services such as complaints, licenses, permits, violations, accident categories, etc. 2. Utilized global-data entity structure for managing all these services, can be easily used by the users and for better performance. 3. Maximum use of OOB functionalities are used to achieve the requirements. 4. Used Routing rules for assigning of services to Teams and Queues. 5. SLAs are used for counting the days as per the type of the users and type of services. 6. Some custom plugins and custom workflows are developed for achieving some complex functionalities. 7. Java Scripts are used on the entity forms for hiding/showing sections and tabs, controlling field values. 8. Used business process flows for displaying the stages of different services. 9. Used Business rules for controlling the field values. 10. SharePoint portal is integrated to the CRM for the end users. 11. Developed WCF services as a middleware for the synchronization of data between CRM and SharePoint portal. Worked On: Dynamics 365 on-premise, ASP .Net WCF Services, Workflows, SLAs, Javascripts, SharePoint integration, Business Rules, Plugin assemblies, Routing rules, etc.

Salesforce Development/Modification for Retail chain (North America)

The project involves use of developing a Customer support NetSuite CRM system integrated with Purecloud IVR. Responsibilities: 1. It is mainly focused on Sales module (lead, opportunity, quotes, orders, contacts, accounts) and marketing module. 2. Purecloud IVR is integrated with the CRM for the customer care services. 3. A custom page “Customer360” is developed which is designed in such a way that it contains all the information of the customer, their work orders, purchase orders and the interaction history. Worked On: Purecloud Rest APIs, C#, ASP .NET and SQL Server.

Middleware applications development for Salesforce Integration : Education Institute

This project includes two middleware applications for connecting Salesforce and android applications using SFTP servers, keeping both the systems in sync. Responsibilities: 1. Integration with Salesforce using REST and OAuth implementation. 2. Customizations and configurations in Salesforce as per requirements. 3. Developed console application which exports data from Salesforce to CSV files and uploads them to SFTP Server. 4. Developed console application which downloads CSV files from FTP Server and uploads data from CSV files into the Salesforce. Worked On: Rest based integration with C# console applications, Microsoft Excel integration, Connection and Data transfer with SFTP Servers.

SalesForce Upgradation for Financial Institute based on East Africa

This Salesforce system is developed for the customer representatives for managing the cards and accounts of customers and dealing with them. Responsibilities: 1. Setting up Salesforce system with managing all the objects and fields 2. Migration of large amount of Core and Legacy data from Oracle databases to Salesforce using C# console apps, WCF Services, SOAP and REST endpoints, WSDLs, SOQL and Data Loader. 3. Developed a custom Visualforce page called Customer360 which contains all data like basic details, Accounts, Cases, Opportunities, Campaigns, Tasks and other information related to that specific customer. 4. Developed modules for handling Service requests of customers. 5. Developed Apex classes and scheduled them for sending email reminders to the customers. 6. Setting up Genesys Purecloud IVR flows and integrating with Salesforce for handling phone calls and opening up the Customer 360 page detecting the phone calls. 7. Salesforce integration with QuickBooks online version for proper sync of customers and their particular invoices with the receive payment details. 8. Integrated several other tools like Unity 3D Virtual Branch, JIRA, MapAnything and DocuSign. Worked On: Apex Batch classes, Apex Classes, Visual force page, Work flow, Triggers, Deployment, Salesforce reports/Dashboards and SOAP APIs.

Awards and Recognitions

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Oracle Certified JAVA Programmer (1)
N+ Networking Certified Engineer (1)
Telecom Certified Engineer for IP Telephony (1)


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